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On Eagles Wings



The only thing that gets me through my abject misery about the end of summer is the NFL, specifically the Eagles. I am a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, so, like all Philadelphia Eagles fans, I pronounce it “Iggles.”

My marketing team wants me to be a relentless optimist, but I’m afraid the Iggles unleash my pessimistic side. Maybe it’s time for me to turn my devotion into Eagles-themed products. Their colors are green, black, white, and silver.
Any ideas?

Design Muse



I’m all Comme des Garçons PLAY all the time. The v-necks and cardigans with their signature heart logo are the perfect combination of Mr. Rogers and Mr. Warhol. To truly understand Rei Kawakubo’s genius, it helps to go to Japan where Comme des Garçons is surprisingly mainstream. I love her view of the world. She can take the most familiar things and with a tiny gesture make them look new,
subversive, and inspiring.

I spend most of my life bouncing from Dover Street Market in NYC to Dover Street Market in England to Dover Street Market in Tokyo. The New York Dover Street Market is the best brunch spot in town, but please don’t go because I don’t want to wait for a table.



I’m planning a trip to the Utah desert, where I go to turn off. I live in NYC, which is bananas 24/7, so I need the retreat.

As an East Coaster, I am always struck by Western landscapes. It’s the scale. Everything on the East Coast is weathered. Mountains have been beaten down. Architecture is old. Everything is teensy weensy. I hate to sound spiritual and annoying, but looking at Western vistas, I understand what William Blake meant when he described the sublime. Mother Nature is the best designer of all time. She’s my forever muse.



Design Muse
Design Muse
Design Muse
Design Muse

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Last September I was walking down the street wearing my uniform (Uniqlo white jeans and a navy Lacoste shirt, duh) and for the very first time in my life I got catcalled. A construction worker yelled: “Hey dude, no white after Labor Day.”
I love New York.