JA Monthly Musings

November 2016

Ke$ha Is My Drug


As I’m writing this, the election is a mere week away. Like everyone, I feel unsettled. It’s a stressful time for us as a nation. So, of course, I am self-soothing with my go-to anti-anxiety drug: Ke$ha.

God, I love Kesh Kesh. Her aesthetic, her vibe, her aura. “Party at a Rich Dude’s House”—perfection. Ke$ha if you are reading this, please release a song right now. It’s what the world needs.

Fall Reading List


For months I’ve been desperate to find a book to dig into, and now I have squillions of must-reads. It’s feast or famine for this guy. I’m currently reading Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch and loving it. If you haven’t read his book, The Dinner, you are living a nightmare. My bedside table (and by bedside table I mean Kindle) is groaning under a pile of new books from Ian McEwan, Maria Semple, and Nell Zink. Hallelujiah.

Design Muse joseph hoffmann Design Muse joseph hoffmann

The Big Meal


I’m going to give away a little secret. Yes, lucky you, here is a window into my fascinating entertaining life. For dinner parties, I serve Thanksgiving dinner no matter the season. Why? Because it’s the best meal ever and I don’t know why people don’t cook turkeys more often as they are delicious. Sweet potatoes equal my favorite food.

Thanksgiving day still feels like the gastronomic mothership. Bonus: there’s endless football to watch. My little heart is already a-flutter with anticipation. Thanksgiving gets me through the fall. If we’re going to be really honest, all anybody likes is summer, so the rest of the year has these little highs to keep you afloat. Thanksgiving is the oasis that lets you survive until the holidays, which get you to spring, which gets you back to summer.

(If you want more of my entertaining truths, I let a little more slip here).

Snaps for Brass


While I'm giving thanks, I want to thank mother earth for brass. As much as I love clay, it has its limitations (i.e. you never know what the kiln god has in store for you), but brass is steadfast. Brass is shiny, it's warm, it's glamorous, and don't get me started on how well it plays with black. A brassy holiday tablescape lays down a bassline of uptown luxury with a guitar lick of downtown cool. And like me, brass only gets better with age.