Monthly Musings



In June, I'll be paddleboarding, paddleboarding, and paddleboarding. It's one of the few transcendental experiences where I am completely not thinking of anything else—then, when I'm making a pot, and when I was disco dancing to Madonna's "Vogue" (but I'm too old for that now).

At Shelter Island this summer, I've added in my Antibes Lounge Chair. It fits in perfectly with the warm and rustic Modernist vibe.



This month, I'm traveling to London and Capri. I feel like I should be at my slenderest for Capri, but the minute I start to focus on slenderness, all I can think about is baked goods—locking me in a bit of a fugue state. The baked goods in London are next level. My favorite, favorite, favorite is Ottolenghi in Notting Hill (tarts for days!).



Authentically and legitimately I am a bohemian potter. That is my truth. But when I travel I do like a soupçon of luxury. Enter Claridge's. The art deco glamour, the English tea, and the fabulous people watching are all great, but the real reason I love Claridge's is their signature color—eau de Nil.

Eau de Nil is a strange color: somewhere between mint and turquoise. It literally means "Water of the Nile." I've always loved the hue, but I never truly understood it until I encountered it at Claridge's, which perfectly embodies the melancholy glamour of England between the wars. I picked up the shade for our
Aviaria Coasters.

design odyssey


I studied abroad in London. Never went to class, just lived at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the cornerstone of my decorative arts odyssey. Right now there's a show about undies that I can't wait to see.

This trip I'm taking my 11-year-old nephew for his first time. I suspect he will be less interested in eau de Nil than the baked goods and sports.

I've blathered on about my life, and I guess I should talk about what's actually tingling my chakras in terms of design. I don't know where to begin because the truth is that my personal life only occupies a tiny fraction of my time. Most of my life is spent designing, potting, dreaming, and making …. Right now, we are deep in the trenches of fall and I'm inspired by all things elemental and Brutalist. Stay tuned.