Monthly Musings
A Man Between Seasons

A Man Between Seasons


I'm a confused dude: I'm living in July 2016, I'm designing for July 2017, but I'm surrounded by Fall 2016. Color me disoriented. Question: what are you guys jonesing for in 2017? Here's where I am in my design odyssey.

Though some might accuse me of being a maximalist, I'm really a minimalist. I'm always trying to pare things back and subtract until I get to the very essence of a line or gesture. Currently I'm challenging myself to go even further into what I call "elementalism." Perhaps it's a reaction to the chaos on our planet, but I'm constantly striving to express myself with evermore-simplified forms.

Color My World


While my silhouettes are streamlining, I'm staying true to my beloved color palette. I always favor pops of clear, crisp color juxtaposed with heaps of white. Lavender and emerald are my colors du jour. Gem tones, gem tones, gem tones.

Television Diet


On to culture: as a gentleman of a certain age (and of what I hope is a certain intellect), I'm consumed with global goings on. But lately, I've been trying to take a page from the playbook of some blithely spirited millennials of my acquaintance who avoid getting mired in the muck of the world. Therefore, I'm trying to take a break from the bleak news and just watching fictional tv. Currently I'm obsessed with Happy Valley and waiting to watch The Night Of. (So maybe things are still a little grim.)

Song of Summer


As the quest for a song of summer continues, I pine for the simpler days of Summer 2014. To think it was only two years ago when we could all come together as one and recognize that "Call Me Maybe" was the song of the summer. And now here we are: Is it Justin Timberlake? Drake? Some wildcard yet to arrive? Personally, I have "PANDA" by Desiigner stuck on replay. Explicit version, obvs.

Summer Reading


I'm just about to tuck into The Girls by Emma Cline, which screams moi. I'm obsessed with The Counterculture—the good, the bad, and the ugly—from hippie dippy optimism to Weather Underground insanity. My trifecta of highly, highly recommended reads on the subject: Growing Up Underground by Jane Alpert, which is an autobiography chronicling her years in the Weather Underground and her feminist awakening; Days of Rage by Bryan Burrough, a nonfiction account of the myriad radical movements of the '70s told in tremendous and riveting detail; and on the fiction tip, you'd be mad not to read Philip Roth's American Pastoral, one of my favorite books of all time.

Anyway those are my deep thoughts du jour. On a shallower note, I'm off to Capri. Ciao!