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Handmade Peruvian Rugs

Extraordinary craftsmanship is what makes simple design powerful. Case in point: our fab Peruvian rugs. They embody the style, craft, and joy that we’ve built our brand on.

And thanks to Aid to Artisans—a nonprofit with a passion for handmade tradition and innovative product development—we get to provide our expert Peruvian craftspeople with gratifying work on a daily basis. When our craftspeople feel good about their work, we feel good about our product.

We believe that our flat weave rugs are second to none. And here’s why…

We Believe In
Wool That Works

Our super resilient Peruvian llama wool is raised at high elevations in the Andes. That means higher concentrations of naturally occurring lanolin, which makes for a denser, thicker, and softer wool. The result: premium barefoot rugs, exceptionally comfortable and irresistible under foot.


We Believe In
Sustainable Chic

It’s simple: Handmade products are the greener alternative. All the necessary materials for our rugs are sourced locally in Peru. Plus, our rugs are made by individual artisans on wooden looms. In addition to being eco-friendly, this means that each one is unique and comes with special artisanal touches. These are the marks of high-quality, superior product.


We Believe In
A Family Affair

In the beginning, Aid to Artisans introduced us to one family of expert weavers in Peru. After we showed them our patterns, our weavers taught other weavers, and soon there were multiple communities creating remarkable rugs based on traditional techniques.


This Is How We Do It

It takes a small army to make our Peruvian rugs—or, more specifically, a big family. This is a multigenerational craft: exceptional skill and a history of weaving.


1 Dyeing The Yarn
Our yarn is dyed by hand to match the colors you see online exactly. After the dying process, it’s hung on the roof to dry at just the right angle. Next, it’s twisted into compact spheres and passed to the weavers.


2 The Weaving Process
Our wooden looms not only take great strength to operate, but great skill, too. Our weavers work together to trace the pattern made by our designers, to weave the warp and weft strands of wool, and to batten each filling yarn against the fell. Every step is carried out by hand with amazing precision, attention to detail, and passion—something unique to handcrafted products.


3 Quality Assurance
Our rugs must meet exacting specifications. Quality Assurance teams lay the rug on a table and inspect for flaws with a small pick. Straw strands of yarn are removed, edges are cleaned up, and the finished product is made seamless and ready for shipment to our customers.

We Believe In
Minimal Pattern, Maximal Style

An eye for style and design can take expert craftsmanship to the next level. That’s where Jonathan comes in. Because of the majesty of the material, the fabulousness of the feel, and the coutureness of the construction, Jonathan chose simple patterns that let the inherently impeccable aspects of the craft speak for themselves.


A luxe artisanal tradition becomes fresh by combining modern pattern with indigenous practices. The end product has a dynamic sizzle that you can’t help but walk all over.

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Create your perfect piece online and let our Peruvian weavers do the rest. After you’ve clicked and carted, our design team translates your vision into a pattern for our artisans, who lay it out, trace it, and make it happen.

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