JA Monthly Musings

December 2016

Call me Jonathan Claus? Santa Adler?


I consider myself a holiday elf. I spend all year looking into the depths of my soul to create perfect presents for picky people. I spend 364 days designing, making, manufacturing, and shipping so you have the haute-est holidays ever. I understand the sheer exhaustion Santa feels when he plops down, smiles at Miss Claus (Simon), and naps for exactly one day before starting again. The consolation is that you all love what I've worked on. Please, please tell me you do.

Cookie Monster


My weakness: Christmas Cookies. Not only do I have the same production capabilities as Mr. Claus, but we share the same figure. I love nothing more than a bland, generic sugar cookie. I also have room in my heart for a gingerbread.

My Favorite Gifts


The truth is I evade the holiday stress of giving because I've created exactly what I want to give. I'm reminded how challenging it must be to get through this period if you don't preside over an eponymous design company. Luckily I have all of the options at my disposal without ducking into malls the world over.

Holiday Regret


Now I want to come clean about something that once put me on the naughty list: When I was eight years old, I told Gregory Beck that Santa Claus didn’t exist. Greg, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. But if we’re being honest, maybe you should have figured it out by then? #JustSaying