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It's Easy Being Green

It's Easy Being Green


I think it's time to talk about the color green, and its many magical hues. Spring green—very fresh with a whisper of yellow—has always been my favorite. But this year as August comes around and chartreuse settles into a deeper kelly, I am enjoying dark green more than ever. In fact, forest green is back—with a vengeance. I believe forest green is the new neutral as it plays way well with mustard, gold, blue, and wait for it—orange (Think: an L.L. Bean Camo Tote with an orange monogram). The only combo I fear is red with forest green for obvious Christmas-y reasons.

Vintage Olympics

Olympic Feats of Graphic Design


Now that the European Cup has ended (go Portugal!), I can focus on the Olympics. I long for the Olympics graphics of old. I urge you to give it a Google and scroll back through the posters over the years. You will be deeply unhappy until you reach 1988. I wish the '84 Los Angeles logo was New Wavier. The 1980 Moscow poster proves that 1980 was still the '70s, in a very good way. Montreal '76 is incredible. But the zenith, the absolute best, the Mount Olympus of Olympic posters is: Mexico '68. The Olympics are a great reminder that red, white, and blue is still the cutest color combination in the history of color combinations.

Culture Club


In my effort to head-in-the-sand it for the next six months, I've been ignoring current events and reading beaucoup fiction (Currently enjoying Stoner, by John Williams, a 1965 campus novel before all the PC mishegas. Just reissued by the New York Review of Books. Highly recommend.) and listening to BBC podcasts that are aggressively untopical. My favorites are Great Lives and Desert Island Discs, which are both windows into creative people's minds.

Speaking of desert island discs, you'd be mad to not listen to my interview with KCRW about my favorite songs and what they mean to moi.

(If you want to hear me yammer even more you should check out my Design Milk podcast or my chit chat with Young House Love).

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Design Hero of the Month

Design Hero of the Month


On the great lives tip, one designer who is always on my mind is Alexander Girard. That guy is the best designer of all time. So prolific, so original, so chic. His textiles for Herman Miller, the La Fonda Del Sol restaurant in New York, his amazing graphics. . .I think he should be a household name. He was so brilliant at creating idiosyncratic and incredibly chic designs that reverberated with joy. And he did so much of it! Makes me feel like a total slacker.