Jonathan Adler


How do I create a registry?
-Creating a registry is simple. Click on the “Gift Registry” link across the top grey bar and select “Register”. You’ll have to fill in all the required information first. (If you already have an account on our site, sign-in using your e-mail and password). After that, select “My Registry” and get started. You’ll click “New Event” and give your registry a title and then just start adding items to it!

Need help? Give us a call or send us an e-mail any time.
Email us at customerservice@jonathanadler.com, or call 1-800-963-0891.

What can I register for?

- You can register for anything available on our site.

Who has access to my online registry?

-Everyone! Friends and Family just have to go to our website and click on the “Gift Registry” link and they can search for your registry by last name. Only the person’s last name in the “Last Name” field is searchable.

Where can family and friends purchase items from my registry?

-Either online or in our stores. Gifts can be shipped either directly to the couple or to the person purchasing the item. If you purchase in a store, you can either walk out with it or we’ll be happy to ship it for you. (Shipping fees apply, of course.)

Can I register for items not available on the site?

-Of course you can, although somethings, like our one of a kind vintage pieces, in stores only) may not be available online they can still be added to the to your registry. All you have to do is add it to the “Description” box. After you’ve created your event, just click on the event title and the box will show up on your screen. Just type the name and description of any item from any one of our stores. Everyone will be able to see it.

What if I do not get all of the items on my registry?

-After your wedding, if you have not received everything that you registered for, you can do a one time buy out of everything left for 10% off.

How long does my registry stay active?

-Your registry is active until all items are purchased from it or you decide to close it out.

Can I only create a registry for a wedding?

-You can create a registry for any occasion. You can create as many different registries as you want. Having a baby? Register for baby gifts. Moving into a new home? Register for housewarming gifts. Having a bad day? Register and send it to your friends so they can buy you things to make you feel better!