Jonathan Adler


Photo submission instructions:

-Pictures must be 3MB or less.

-Place your order for a picture frame(s) and right after email your pictures to photo@jonathanadler.com  and make the subject “picture” followed by the order number. For example"picture123456" would be the subject if your order number was 123456.

-In the case of multiple pictures for frames placed in one order please send them one at a time and specify the frame that you would like the picture to be placed in.

-Special instructions will be considered, pictures will be printed on Premium HP Glossy Paper in color or black and white exactly as they are received by us.

How your pictures will be printed:

Rectangular frames:

-Defaults for an individual’s picture in a 4x6 or 5x7 will be portrait view (vertically) and groups will be fitted in a landscape view (horizontally).

Round and Square frames:

-We will center the individuals or groups faces in the case of the round and square frames, if need be we will add a black background to fill in space created by rounding. 

*Care will be taken to produce the best image possible, however, we do not offer or guarantee professional quality prints. For assistance please call customer service at 800-963-0891