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minimalism v MAXILMALISM

minimalisn vs. MAXIMALISM
I'm coming out of the closet as a..... ......wait for it....... ....MANIMALIST! Let me explain....When I design objects I believe in using an economy of gesture & simple lines, clean shapes, clear patterns.
I believe that if a material is beautiful it can speak for itself Let lacquer be lacquer, let wood be wood, let clay be clay.
I believe that good design should look like it's just supposed to be that way...
...like it's always been there, like it's been uncovered BUT...
I believe that spaces should be MAXIMALIST!
I believe in surrounding yourself with stuff that means something to you.  I believe in bold gestures & strong colors.
I believe that if you surround yourself with things that you love, no matter how eclectic, your home will be Happy.
Take minimalism TO THE MAX PEACE & LOVE Jonathan Adler