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My Musings. Deep and not-so-deep thoughts from the brain of Jonathan Adler

my Musing #16

misia Worried that your pretty decor is a bore? Never fear!

When you need a little playful punctuation to lively up yourself, look no further than our kinky essentials.

georgia cookie jar
banana bud vase
Plunk a Banana Bud Vase with a pert Gerber Daisy on your coffee table…
Or pop your pastries in our concupiscent cookie jar and add a little prurient pizzazz to your pad…
Or festoon your sofa with our
nifty new nude pillows (note the titillating touches of embroidery!)
Louche decor is the perfect way to make yourself seem a little more eccentric and a little more glamorous than you actually may be.

You may not be an exhibitionist, but your accessories can be.

mel ramos
lady pillows
hardcore crafts Just came across this book which celebrates all the potters, weavers, woodworkers and other funsters who are our spiritual ancestors in the erotic craft movement. It’s a must-have coffee table book.
We love Mel Ramos, Tom Wesselman, John Kacere, and all the other Pop Painters who celebrate kinky chic.
Why not buy a copy of the Pirelli calendar from 1973 as envisioned by the King of Kink, Alan Jones, and frame all 12 months? pirelli