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my musing #1

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greek key circular rug

Yo. Welcome to the first of my Monthly Musings, a new feature on our website in which I muse on design, life, decorating……Basically, welcome to my blog.

I spent much of my weekend watching various programs on HGTV. Who doesn’t love House Hunters and My House is Worth What?

But my TV marathon left me wanting more. Where was the grandiosity? Where were the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous palazzos? Where were the Doric Columns?????

I personally love a Doric column. Give me a dash of Greco-Roman fun anytime.

  • Add a dollop of classicism (it can be subtle) to your pad
    in one of the following ways:
  • Rent Caligula. Or, I suppose you could rent Rome, but I’d go with Caligula. Be patient – the first episode is a bit dreary but it quickly heats up and soon you’ll be unable to leave your house until you watch the whole thing.
  • Obelisks. Collect them and put them in your fireplace.
  • Campaign chairs and campaign details in general. Campaign campaign campaign!
  • Google Anthony Redmile the 60s and 70s London decorator and retailer who never met an ostrich feather he didn’t love. He was camp and over the top and knew how to mix Neoclassicism with modernism and always make it fresh.
  • Greek key is the key. A black and white Greek Key border rug with your initials in the center reminds everyone that youare the master of your domain.
  • Give head. Classical busts are great presents, perfect for tablescaping, and add instant grandeur.
  • Fornasetti. Always, always, always.
  • Marble!

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grand tour soldier, goddess, and obelisk

Re: my Regent collection and Grand Tour, many examples of which can be found above, moi’s design process and inspiration was definitely about my yearning for neo-classi- cism but interpreted in a totally modern way. For the Grand Tour Goddess and Grand Tour Soldier I took classical busts and turned them into silhouettes. The faces are two dimensional and rendered in an improbably crafty way. For the hair I used good old coils because I love the incongruity of classicism mixed with craft. Because these busts are objects rather than flat wall art or pic-tures, they needed dimension so I took the silhouette and sort of extruded it, which makes it look totally modern and surprising. Neo- Neo Classicism!