Jonathan Adler


Giant Lucite Foot Sculpture


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  • The molding process of our Surrealist resin sculptures allows us to be imaginative in size and shape in a way that would be nearly impossible with ceramics. This giant Lucite eye-catcher instantly becomes the decorative center of any room, no matter its location. Up your modern art game in an avant-garde living space, or add a pop of color to a minimalist boudoir. Pair it with something equally arresting in hue, like our Rider Lounge Chair.

    Jonathan and his team design and sculpt the prototype for each Surrealist Lucite Sculpture by hand in our SoHo Studio. Each piece is finished and polished by hand.

  • • 12.5" H 26.5" W 11" D
    • Purple Lucite
    • Imported

  • • This item ships via standard ground shipping.

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